Wireless charging of electric vehicles: state of the art and outlook



10-03-2022 om 12:00


10-03-2022 om 12:45

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Engels is voertaal tijdens dit webinar. Pavol Bauer and Jianning Dong, both from Delft University of Technology.

Wireless charging provides a charging solution to electric vehicles without physical contacts. It will bring certain convenience by eliminating the charging plugs. But would it be fast and efficient enough to charge our cars? Is it really safe to operate? How is the state of the art of wireless charging technology in academia and industry? Would it enable some application scenarios we do not have today? Pavol Bauer and Jianning Dong from Delft University of Technology will give an overview of the development on wireless charging and share their outlook on such technology.

Questions can be asked during the presentation (via chat) but also in advance by sending an email to info@elaad.nl.